The Outfitter KZ team has the honor to offer a three-day trip to Central Dzhungaria, Almaty region with a visit to the Burkhan-Bulak waterfall, the Korinsky gorge and the Kapalsky vzvoz.

Photography by Alan Shafigullin captures the essence of the Korinskoe mountain gorge, home to Kazakhstan's highest waterfall and one of Dzungaria's most enchanting and beloved gorges.

Adding a touch of adventure to the trip is the passage through the "Kapalsky Vzvoz" pass, a relatively straightforward route in dry weather but presenting challenges when it rains. It's worth noting that this gorge can experience unexpected snowfall even in the heart of summer, with temperatures dropping below freezing, so thorough weather checking before embarking on your journey is imperative.

The Burkhan-Bulak tour is available from late June to the end of August and spans three days. During this time, guests will explore the Burkhan-Bulak waterfall, the Korin Gorge, the Opera Lake, and the Kapalsky Import Pass. It's worth mentioning that Traveler Yevgeny Zemlyansky bestowed the name "Opera Lake" upon this stunning waterbody due to its resemblance to the logo of a famous internet browser from the early 2000s. :-)

The allure of the Kazakh part of Dzungaria is undeniable, particularly for mountain enthusiasts. The mountain landscapes here are genuinely indescribable, offering a unique and captivating experience for all who venture into this beautiful region.

Photo by Alan Shafigullin

Burkhan-Bulak Waterfall

This awe-inspiring waterfall, comprised of four cascades, boasts an impressive height of 168 meters. However, the visible part of the waterfall, which consists of three cascades, stands at 114 meters. Burkhan-Bulak is nestled at an elevation of 2,000 meters above sea level. The primary source that feeds this majestic waterfall is the glaciers of the Dzungarian (Zhetysu) Alatau. As a result, Burkhan-Bulak is at its fullest from mid-July to mid-August, making this period the ideal time to witness its grandeur.

Trip Program - Day 1

  • 08:00: Departure from the BC Taurus parking lot (Abay/Zharokova), located at Zharokov 124, heading toward Taldykorgan (260 km).
  • 09:30: Make a sanitary stop at Arkharly pass.
  • 11:30: Refuel your vehicles along the bypass road in the city of Taldykorgan.
  • 14:00: Arrive at Lake Opera, where you'll have the opportunity for a photoshoot. Lunch will be provided in the form of boxed lunches.
  • 15:00: Stop at the "Kapalsky vzvoz" pass, perfect for a photo session.
  • 15:30: Begin the descent into the Korinskoye gorge, with several photo stops along the way until reaching the campsite (20 km).
  • 17:30: Set up the camp with the assistance of outfitters and guests.
  • 18:30: Enjoy dinner.
  • 20:00: Gather for conversations around the campfire.
  • 23:00: Retire for the night in tents.

This marks the start of your extraordinary journey to Burkhan-Bulak Waterfall, with more adventures and natural wonders awaiting you in the coming days.

Photo by Evgeny Zemlyansky

Second Day

  • 09:00: Kick off the day with a hearty breakfast at the camp.
  • 10:00: Embark on a visit to the breathtaking Burkhan-Bulak waterfall.
  • 12:00: Enjoy a short trek through the enchanting Korinsky Gorge.
  • 14:30: Return to the campsite.
  • 15:00: Relish a satisfying lunch right at the camp.
  • 16:00: Make the most of your free time, perhaps taking in the surrounding beauty or engaging in your preferred leisure activities.
  • 19:30: Gather for dinner at the camp.
  • 20:00: Engage in enjoyable campfire conversations.
  • 23:00: Retire for a peaceful night's rest in your tents.

Day Three

  • 08:00: Start your day with a scrumptious breakfast at the camp.
  • 09:00: Prepare to depart from the camp.
  • 10:30: Begin your journey back to Taldykorgan (120 km).
  • 14:00: Refuel on the bypass road within the city of Taldykorgan, where you'll have a quick lunch with boxed meals.
  • 15:00: Head back to Almaty (260 km).
  • 19:00: Arrive back in Almaty, bringing your unforgettable Burkhan-Bulak adventure to a close.

We trust that you've had an incredible experience exploring Burkhan-Bulak Waterfall and the surrounding natural wonders during these three remarkable days. Safe travels back to Almaty!

Photo by Alan Shafigullin

Cost of Travel:

     Six-seat seating in a jeep: $280 per guest, total 1 680 USD.

  • Five-seat seating in a jeep: $330 per guest, total $1650 USD.
  • Four-seat seating in a jeep: $325 per guest, total $1300 USD.
  • Triple seating in a jeep: $410 per guest, total $1230 USD.
  • Double seating in a jeep: $580 per guest, total $1160 USD.
  • Individual tour: $1095 USD.

Included in the Price:

  • Transportation of guests in comfortable SUVs, accommodating up to 4 guests per car. Vehicle options include Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser 100, Toyota Sequoia, Nissan Patrol.
  • Services of a Russian/English-speaking guide-driver throughout the entire route.
  • A comprehensive trip program (please refer to the provided tour schedule).
  • Three meals a day, excluding breakfast on the first day and dinner on the third day.
  • Overnight accommodation in three-person tents designed for two guests.
  • Rental of essential camping equipment, including tables, chairs, washbasins, tents, mats, and sleeping bags.
  • Drinking water provided for trip participants at a rate of 1.5 liters per guest per day.

This package ensures your comfort and convenience during your Burkhan-Bulak adventure, offering a memorable experience in Kazakhstan's natural wonders.

Photo by Alan Shafigullin

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