The Valley of Castles, Charyn canyon

Are you tired of the winter in a city? Take a look at the best tour in Almaty region!

Tour Cost starting from 55 USD
Route Length 1 Day

Outfitter KZ Company is pleased to offer an one-day tour with trekking elements in the canyon of The Charyn river. 

Tour is the most intensive trip to canyons. We will visit five locations inside canyons.


The canyon of The Charyn river is located in Raiymbek district of Almaty oblast in 180 km distance from Almaty. The canyon is more than 100 km. There is a different varieties of relict trees in it, such as Sogdian ash-tree, a survivor of the Ice Age, and turanga.

The route is designed for year-round visits (free of dirt, long duration of the warm season). The most comfortable months for tourists are April / May and September / October. At the same time the snow canyons also have their own unique appeal.


Departure from Almaty is at 07:00.

We collect participants from a single point, which is convenient for customers.

Why is it so early? It allows maximum coverage of both canyons and the viewing platforms. Regular bus tour includes a visit to A Valley of Castles only, whereas our Jeep tour has at least four more places that capture your imagination in the canyons.

Also, the heat kicks in after 11 am in the canyons, so you need to go through the Valley of Castles at least while it is still cool.

We return to Almaty by 21:00.

All participants get off at a single convenient point in the city (hostel, hotel, etc.).


Big Almaty Channel (BAC).

The road to canyons lies along the picturesque road along the Big Almaty Channel. The guide-driver tells the story of the creation of BAC, there are some short stops for photographing of the foothills.

Panoramic site # 1 - Valley of Castles (Qyzylsay) at Charyn canyon

We leave the cars in the parking lot at the descent into the canyon valley of castles. Having taken the drinking water, we walk down into the gorge. It is a leisurely trek with some stops (50 minutes) to the EcoPark village (2 km one way). The guide tells you about the differences of Charyn canyon. A short stop (15 minutes) at the Charyn river is in the shade of trees, you can photograph there and then we return to the cars (1 hour since it is uphill). Ten-minutes break beside the cars and then leaving towards left bank of the Charyn river.

Panoramic site # 2 - Lunar (Zhabyr) Canyon View

After 30 minutes of ride there is a stop at the panoramic view on the Lunar Canyon. A photo shoot for 15 minutes and leaving in the direction of the panoramic area # 3.

Panoramic site # 3 - view on the Charyn river (Stone Shelf)

The stone shelf is a unique place in the Sharyn Gorge. The majestic view suddenly opens to visitors, capturing the spirit. Visitors should observe precautions when visiting a stone shelf, the height of the wall reaches 250 meters. The landscape of the stone shelf resembles the landscapes of mountain belts, which are located at an altitude of 3 500 meters, but in fact tourists are at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. 

Unforgettable, stunning views of the river and the mountain gorge Charyn. A lunch break. 

Panoramic site # 4 - view on the Valley of Castles

The next place to visit in Sharyn canyon is called a panoramic view of the valley of the castles. In fact, we go around the Sharyn River and return to the first location, where you can see the valley of the castles from the right bank of the Sharyn River. 

Scale landscape, castles of the red canyon in the form of Greek amphitheatres will remain forever in the memory of tourists.

After 30 minutes ride there is a stop at the site. There is a view on the Valley of Castles. Photo shoot for 15 minutes, leaving to Almaty.


65 USD per person in a group of 3 (55 USD without English-speaking guide)
95 USD per person in a group of 2 (80 USD without English-speaking guide)
180 USD for an individual tour (150 USD without English-speaking guide)

The price includes:
- transport, 
- services of English-speaking or Russian-speaking guide, 
- eco-fees, 
- food, 
- accommodation in a guest house in the village. Living in the guest house offers sauna services, bonfire.

Price excludes:
- rent of personal clothes, shoes
- telephone calls, personal expenses
- breakfast of the first day, dinner of the last day

We provide the option of driving the car during the trip. The terms are discussed upon request (we look at the appropriate skills and a driver's license).

Route Difficulty is standard, suitable for people with average physical training.

Precautions: 1-2 liters of drinking water, a mandatory sun hat, sunglasses, anti-bug repellents.

Average travel time: 8 hours by road two-way.

The total route length is 540 km by car and 6 km of trekking.

We use photographs of the famous Kazakhstan photographer Deonisy Mit' in the promotion of our tours.

The detailed review by Nathan Cooper about trip to Charyn with us -

Order tour by clicking "Book A Tour", by calling Outfitter KZ company's telephone numbers: +7 727 222 39 92, +7 777 206 28 28, +7 701 559 4534 or by email: We are available by What'sApp also +77015594534.

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Tour Cost starting from 55 USD
Route Length 1 Day

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