We represent the most popular tourist route in Almaty region. The combination of simple tracking, visiting of many natural places, absolutely different landscapes makes the route unforgettable and completely reveals the wild nature of Almaty region!

Ile-Alatau mountains, Deonisiy Mit'

According the program of a five-day trip, guests visit the main attractions of Altyn-Emel National Park: Singing Dune and Aktau mountains. 

Inside Aktau gorge, Azamat Mukhametzhanov

Further the route follows to several canyons of Charyn and Temirlik rivers – Red Canyon (the Valley of the Castles), Lunar Canyon, Katu mountains, panoramic sites. Our tour is the most intensive trip to canyons. You may compare itineraries of local guides, 99% of tourists visits only the Valley of the Castles. We visit six locations inside canyons. 

A brilliant in the route’s crown is a visit to the mountain lakes Saty and Mynzhylky (Kolsay Lakes), Kaindy Lake.

Small canyon, Aktau mountains, Altyn-Emel, Deonisiy Mit'

Duration of the route is 5 days. The distance of the jeep-tour is 1 410 km, the. trekking – 36 km. We will visit three national parks of Kazakhstan – Altyn-Emel, Charyn, Kolsay lakes.

Tour map


Day 1. Aktau (White mountains), Altyn-Emel

07:00. Breakfast at the Hotel (Almaty). Loading of the luggage. 08:00. Departure by SUVs to Basshi village, the headquarter of Altyn-Emel National Park. (255 km).
11:30. Check-in at the reception office of the national park, visiting of Altyn-Emel National Park Visit Center.
12:30. Lunch in the cafe.
13:30. Departure to Aktau mountains (70 km).
15:00. 7 kilometers of trekking inside Aktau mountains (the main canyon, visiting a small canyon, going to the top of one of the mountains).
18:00. Departing a 700 year’s old willow tree and taking a photo (40 km).
19:00. Accommodation at the guesthouse. Rest and dinner. Overnight.

Day 2. Singing Dune, Sculpture Valley
08:00. Breakfast at the guest house. Departure to Singing Dune (AygayKum, 55 km).
12:00. Return to the guest house (55 km). Lunch.
14:00. Departure to Sculpture Valley (90 km).
15:30. Trekking inside the Valley (2 km), taking a photo.
17:00. Departure to Zharkent town (30 km).
18:00. Dinner in the cafe.
19:00. Overnight in the hotel.

Singing Dune, Azamat Mukhametzhanov

Day 3. Charyn Canyon
08:00. Breakfast at the hotel. Loading of the luggage. Departure to Charyn National Park (180 km).
11:30. Arrival and descent to the “Valley of the Castles” canyon (Qyzylsay). Lunch in the boxes.
14:00. Next visit is a panoramic site with a view from top of the Valley of Castles.
15:00. Departure to Lunar canyon panoramic site (25 km).
16:00. Transfer to Stone Shelf (15 km).
16:45. Departure to the Valley of the Castles viewpoint (Napoleon, 5 km), the Austrian spot (2 km). Making a photo, departure to Saty village (Kolsay lakes, 110 km).
19:00. Arrival at Saty village (Kolsay lakes area). Accommodation at the guesthouse. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 4. Kolsay Lakes

08:00. Breakfast at the guest house. Departure to Saty lake (1st Kolsay, 15 km).
Trekking to Mynzhylky lake (8 kilometers, 3 hours of trekking).
13:00. Arrival to Mynzhylky lake (2nd Kolsay). Lunch (lunch boxes).
14:00. Return to Saty lake (8 kilometers, 3 hours of trekking).
17:00. Departure to Saty village (15 km). Dinner. Rest.

Day 5. Kaindy Lake

08:00. Breakfast at the guest house. Loading of the luggage. Departure to Kaindy lake (15 km). We visit three different locations around Kaindy lake.
13:00. Lunch at the guest house. Departure to Almaty (295 km).
18:00. Arrival to Almaty.


- 418 USD per guest in a group of 5, total 2 090 USD.
- 447,5 USD per guest in a group of 4, total 1 790 USD.
- 500 USD per guest in a group of 3, total 1 500 USD.
- 635 USD per guest in a group of 2, total 1 270 USD.
- 1 115 USD for an individual tour.

Price includes:
- transportation by SUV,
- English/German -speaking guide-driver,
- 2 night’s accommodation in the guest house, Altyn-Emel, overnight. Each room has its own shower and toilet,
- 2 night’s accommodation in the guest house, Saty, overnight. Each room has its own shower and toilet,
- sightseeing tour according to the program,
- ecological fees in accordance with the program,
- mineral water 1,5L p/p daily,
- Full board: BLD.

Wenn Sie eine deutschsprachige Reiseleitung benötigen, teilen Sie uns das einfach mit, wir haben in unserem Team deutschsprachige Gästeführer!

Price does not include:
- soft and alcohol drinks, snacks
- rent of personal clothes, shoes
- telephone calls, personal expenses
- breakfast of the first day, dinner of the last day

Route difficulty is standard, suitable for people with average physical training. 

Please, be informed, trekking between Saty lake (Kolsay 1st) and Mynzhylky lake (Kolsay 2nd) and inside AkTau (White) mountains) is not a simple walk.
It's available for people with average physical form and children over 7 years old. We would like to recommend the use of trekking sticks during trekking.

Precautions: a mandatory sun hat, sunglasses, anti-bug repellents (spring period).

Annika van Beek, a Dutch Travel Journalist visited Almaty region in the fall of 2019. We were pleased to help organize a trip with a visit to Charyn Canyon, Kolsay and Kaindy Lakes.
An article on visiting canyons and mountain lakes can be found here (in Dutch).

We prepared a video about the Golden Ring of Zhetysu trip, hope you will like it.

Order tour by clicking "Book A Tour", by calling Outfitter KZ team's telephone number: +77771611929 (Azamat, member of OUTKZ team). What'sApp, Telegram is available also on +77771611929.
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A few words about Outfitter KZ team.

Lonely Planet marked us as TOP outdoor provider in Almaty city. Our team became a member of Kazakhstan Tourist Association in December 2018.


TripAdvisor awarded "Traveler's Choice" nomination to the Outfitter KZ team twice in 2020, 2021 as a local business with consistently positive traveler reviews.


The international tourist platform Indy Guide, in partnership with the national company Kazakh Tourism, awarded Outfitter KZ to SuperHost status.

We use photographs of the famous Kazakhstan photographer Deonisy Mit' in the promotion of our tours.

Sharyn, Kaindy, Zhalanash, Sogety, Basshi, Konyrolen, Koktal, Zharkent, Sogdian ash tree

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Tour Cost from: 418 USD
The most popular multi-day tour (5 days)

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