Visit North Kyrgyzstan. Easily conquer a mountain peak 4,000 meters high above sea level. Enjoy the silent inaccessibility of KelSuu, the most beautiful lake in Central Asia. Immerse yourself in the calling purity of the Issyk-Kul lake.

"33 parrots" mountain pass, photo by Anton Petrus

Outfitter KZ team is pleased to offer a seven-day tour on Northern Kyrgyzstan. 
We tried to gather the best natural attractions of Kyrgyzstan on one trip, the tour program will be rich and informative. As usual, we will start a trip from Almaty, then cross the border near Korday village and finally return to Kazakhstan through the beautiful Karkara mountain valley.

Map of the route

We will visit high mountain lakes Sonkel and KelSuu, enjoy the landscapes of Aksai and Kok Kya rivers' valleys, walk along the high-mountain plateau with the eastern name "Arabel", see the Barskoon and Zhety Oguz gorges.

Country: Kyrgyzstan
Type of trip: Travel. Adventure. Expedition. Mountain Trekking
Type of vehicle: SUV
Requirements: the usual physical form. Registration of permissions to the frontier zone of Kyrgyzstan with China 4 weeks before the date of visit
Group size: scheduled tour, minimum 6 guests
Duration: 7 days
Dates: July - August

Route details: Almaty - Lake Sonkel - Kok Kya valley - Aksai valley - KelSuu lake - Fairy Tale canyon - Barskoon gorge - Arabel plateau - Zhety Oguz gorge - Almaty.

Road to Naryn village, photo by Azamat Mukhametzhanov

Expedition itinerary

Day 1. Departure from Almaty to Lake Sonkel. We will pass border control at the Karasu post, then refill fuel in the Boom gorge, and, having bought fresh and tasty corn, we will leave for the valley that leads to Lake Sonkel. Fast lunch, arrival to the shore of Lake Sonkel in the evening. Walk along the shore of the lake, dinner will be prepared by guides-drivers, overnight in tents.

Sonkol lake,

Day 2. Early rise, breakfast at 7 am. Descent on the pass of 33 parrots, a visit to Kazherty waterfall. We will buy food in Naryn village, pick up permissions to the border zone and refuel the cars before the main stage of the expedition - the conquest of KelSuu lake . Lunch near the village of Akmuz, then pass border control, visiting the panoramic site of Kok Kya Valley. Dinner and overnight are near the bridge in the Aksai valley, overnight in tents.

Kok kya river, photo by Azamat Mukhametzhanov

Day 3. Breakfast in the valley of Aksai River. We pass a ford of the river and reach the Kok kya river valley. 
Lunch will be in .... when we finish the assault. :-) When we reach the shore of Lake KelSuu, we will set up a camp, prepare meal, dinner and overnight in tents.

KelSuu lake, photo by Vasiliy Kochetkov

Day 4. We wake up in silence, slowly get up and open the threshold of the tent and this landscape view will appear.

KelSuu lake, video by Azamat Mukhametzhanov

After breakfast, walk along the lake and around. Lunch, departure to the village of Naryn. Dinner, overnight in tents.

Day 5. Breakfast, we will move to the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Then we will visit "Fairy Tale" canyon on the way, stop on the sandy spit "Quiet Bay", spend the rest of the day in the form of relaxation, bathing in the purest water of the south of Issyk-Kul. Dinner, overnight in tents.

Issyk Kul lake, photo by Yelena Luk'yantseva

Day 6. Breakfast, visiting of Barskoon gorge. We will gain altitude from 1 700 meters above sea level to 4,000 meters, climb to Suyek pass, stop for lunch. We stop at the plateau of Arabel.

Arabel plateau, photo by Yelena Luk'yantseva

After lunch we will go down to the lake Issyk-Kul, then we leave towards Karakol city. We will visit  Zhety Oguz gorge, climb to "Devichye Kosy" waterfall. Afterwards we drive in the direction of Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border, stop for the night, dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 7. After breakfast, we will cross the border, stop in Karkara valley, lunch in Bayseit village and leisurely return to the city of Almaty.

Please note that the itinerary is preliminary. The weather always leaves the last word behind it. If necessary, the route of the expedition can be changed by the leader of the group depending on the external conditions.

Also, we inform you that the booking is made by paying 20% of the tour cost, in parallel we carry out the registration of permissions to the border zone for visiting Lake KelSuu, the valleys of the Aksai and Kok Kya rivers.

Outfitter KZ team members repeatedly visited Kyrgyzstan, Alan Shafigulin took a short video in July 2017, which fully gives an idea of the locations of Kyrgyzstan.

Day 1.
07:00. Early departure from Almaty city to Kazakhstan-Kyrgyz border checkpoint (220 km).
09:30. Crossing the borderline (please check visa regime between your country and Kyrgyzstan before the trip starting).
13:00. Lunch in the road cafe (120 km).
14:00. Departure to Sonkul lake (150 km). Crossing several beautiful mountain passes, mountain valleys.
17:00. Driving around Sonkul lake, tourists will walk, drivers will set up camp base and prepare the dinner.
19:00. Dinner, overnight in tents (Sonkul lake, 3 000 meters).
Day 2.
07:30. Breakfast in the camp.
08:30. Departure to Naryn town, the administrative centre of Naryn region (140 km).
10:00. Visiting 33 parrots mountain pass, small trekking to Kazherty waterfall
13:00. Lunch in Naryn town. Getting a shower in mini-hotel.
14:30. Departure to Kyrgyz-China border area (100 km, Kelsuu lake direction). Crossing two border checkpoints (we cross checkpoints but not border state line between PRC and Kyrgyz Republic).
Please, be informed, guests will need to have kyrgyz state permissions to enter the border area. We will take care of permissions.
19:00. Dinner by drivers, overnight in tents, Aksay river valley (3 000 meters).
Day 3. 
07:30. Breakfast in the camp.
08:30. Departure to Kelsuu lake (25 km), crossing the "Sazy" - kyrgyz alpine swamp bogs.
15:00. Light snacks with tea.
16:00. Walking on the east shore of Kelsuu lake.
19:00. Dinner by drivers, overnight in tents (3 500 meters).
Day 4.
08:30. Breakfast in the camp by drivers.
09:30. Trekking to the mountain gorge. Guests also can walk around Kelsuu lake, free time.
12:30. Lunch in the camp by drivers.
13:30. Departure to Kok-kiya valley (35 km), visiting Kok-Kiya river panoramic site.
19:00. Dinner in Aksay river valley, overnight in tents (3 000 meters).
Day 5.
07:30. Breakfast in the camp.
08:30. Going to Naryn town (110 km).
11:30. Getting a shower in the guest house. Lunch in Naryn town.
13:00. Departure to Issyk Kul lake (270 km).
17:00. Visiting Fairy Tail canyon.
18:30. Departure to "Quiet Bay" (12 km).
19:30. Dinner by drivers. Overnight in tents (1 650 meters).
Day 6.
07:30. Breakfast in the camp.
08:30. Departure to Suek mountain pass (70 km).
10:30. Visiting Sary Moinok mountain pass (3 450 meters), small walking.
11:30. Visiting Arabel plateau (3 800 meters), Suek mountain pass (4 000 meters).
13:00. Dinner in Barskoon mountain pass.
14:00. Departure to Zhety-Oguz mountain gorge (105 km).
16:00. Trekking to "Girl's braids" waterfall (1.5 km).
17:30. Departure to Karakol town (25 km).
18:00. Dinner in Karakol.
19:00. Departure to the shore of the Issyk Kul lake (40 km). Overnight in tents (1 600 meters).
Day 7.
07:30. Breakfast in the camp.
08:30. Departure to Karkara (Kazakhstan-Kyrgyz) border checkpoint (90 km).
11:00. Crossing the borderline.
13:00. Visiting Lunar canyon, Charyn canyons area (70 km).
14:30. Lunch in the road cafe, Baiseit village (85 km).
15:30. Departure to Almaty city (140 km).
18:00. Arrival to Almaty.

Price of the tour: 665 USD for one guest (95 USD/day), for a group of tourists consists of 3 persons.
The price includes rent of SUV with English-speaking guide-driver, rental of necessary equipment (chair, table, karemat, tent, sleeping bag), camp food, preparation of food by drivers, registration of permissions to the frontier zone, national park eco-fees of Kyrgyzstan.

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A few words about Outfitter KZ team.

Lonely Planet marked us as TOP outdoor provider in Almaty city. Our team became a member of Kazakhstan Tourist Association in December 2018.




The international tourist platform Indy Guide, in partnership with the national company Kazakh Tourism, awarded Outfitter KZ to SuperHost status.


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Tour Cost 95 USD per day
7-days tour

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