The Outfitter KZ team presents an extremely picturesque one-day tour - visiting the Turgen waterfall, Issyk lake, and Bear waterfall.

The Turgen waterfall is an amazing natural phenomenon with a powerful flow of water, located in a picturesque environment. Its cascades create a majestic view and a unique atmosphere of peace. The rapid fall of water is accompanied by a loud noise, and water dust pollen adds mystery. The surrounding forest and trails allow you to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall from different angles. This place attracts not only nature lovers but also those who are looking for inspiration and tranquility in the arms of nature. The Turgen waterfall is the epitome of natural size and beauty, leaving an unforgettable experience.

Lake Issyk, located in picturesque mountain landscapes, is a natural wonder of historical significance. It attracts attention with its amazing beauty and blue waters. Lake Issyk is surrounded by mountains, which creates an impressive backdrop. The water of the lake is crystal clear and incredibly transparent, making it a popular place for relaxation and swimming. In addition, the lake has historical significance associated with ancient cultures. It served as a source of inspiration for explorers and travelers.

Bear Waterfall is a majestic natural phenomenon located among picturesque forests and mountain peaks. Its name is associated with the appearance of bear-like stones surrounding the cascades of water. A high stream of water falls from a height, creating a stunning spectacular effect and various cascades. The roar of the waterfall and water dust create a feeling of natural power. Bear Waterfall is a unique place with an attractive aura that can inspire everyone who is looking for harmony with nature. Viewpoints and trails allow you to fully enjoy this natural masterpiece and the surrounding beauty.

Travel program:

Lake Issyk, Bear waterfall,

09:00. Departure from Almaty.
10:30. Arrival at Lake Issyk, crossing to the lake (2 km in both directions).
11:30. Departure to the Turgen gorge.
12:00 Lunch in lunch boxes in the parking lot at the Bear Falls.
12:30. Trekking 4 km in both directions to the Bear waterfall
14.30 return to the parking lot. Departure to Almaty
16.30 Arrival in Almaty


55  USD for one guest, if there are six guests in the car, total USD 330

65 USD for one guest, if there are five guests in the car, total 325 USD

75 USD for one guest, if there are four guests in the car, total 300 USD.

95 USD for one guest, if there are three guests in the car, total 285 USD.

135 USD for one guest, if there are two guests in the car, total 270 USD.

260 USD per guest, individual trip.

Included in the price:
- transfer on a comfortable SUV ((Toyota Seqouia, Toyota Land Cruiser 100, Toyota Land Cruiser 200)
- services of a Russian-speaking / English-speaking guide-driver, the guide accompanies guests on trekking, provides guide information about the area, tourist sites.
- drinking water (1.5 liters/guest),

   -launch Box

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Briefly about the Outfitter KZ team

Team Outfitter KZ is a travel agent, as well as a full member of the Kazakhstan Tourism Association.

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Tour Cost from: 55 USD
1 day, Lake Issyk, Bear waterfall and Turgen

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