The Outfitter KZ team is pleased to offer a one-day city tour to the sights of Almaty!

General information:

Medeo is a symbol of sports passion and natural beauty in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This unique sports complex offers an ice arena at the height of the mountains, surrounded by majestic peaks. Here is one of the highest skating rinks for figure skating and speed skating, serving as a place for training and competition. Climbing along the picturesque paths, visitors can enjoy stunning views of Alatau. Medeo is not only a sports space, but also the personification of the connection between man and nature, creating a unique atmosphere of inspiration and creation.

Chimbulak is a ski resort that embodies the beauty and sports opportunities in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is famous for its steep slopes, ideal for winter sports. Chimbulak provides an opportunity for skiing, snowboarding in winter and many other entertainments in summer. This unique corner of nature captivates guests with its panoramas and provides an opportunity to enjoy an active holiday surrounded by majestic mountains.

Kok Tobe is a high-altitude elevation in Almaty, Kazakhstan, which attracts residents and visitors of the city. It serves as an excellent vantage point for the city and the surrounding mountains. At the top there is an entertainment complex with attractions, restaurants and an observation deck. In addition, you can climb here on the Medeo-Kok Tobe cable car, enjoying breathtaking views of Almaty. Kok Tobe combines natural charm and entertainment, providing a unique opportunity to enjoy the city panorama in a cozy environment.

Tour program:

10:00. Meeting at the hotel.
10:30. Departure to the mountain skating rink Medeo (20 km).
The world's largest high-mountain sports complex "Medeu" is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters on the northern slope of the Zailiysky Alatau ridge, 14 km from the city of Almaty.
High mountains and the purest mountain water for pouring ice contribute to the achievement of high results in speed skating. Medeu remains the leader among the stadiums in terms of the number of world records set here in all distances for men and women (320 records from 1952 to 1988).
11:00. We rise from the site of the Shymbulak mountain resort along three cable cars to the picturesque Talgar Pass, located at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level.
There is snow near the pass in summer, we will make a small mountain crossing to a small moraine lake.
Chimbulak is a popular ski resort in Kazakhstan, located on the Zailiysky Alatau ridge just above the Medeu high-mountain skating rink.
14:30. Lunch at the cafe of Shymbulak ski resort.
16:00. Return trip to the city (20 km).
16:30. Visit to the Kok-Tobe mountain with an observation deck in the city of Almaty.
"Kok-tobe" is a mountain located in the south-eastern part of the city of Almaty. The height of the mountain is 1,130 meters above sea level. A magnificent panorama of Almaty and the Zailiysky Alatau ridge with its snow-capped peaks opens from Kok-Tobe.
On the slope of Mount Kok-Tobe is the famous 372-meter Almaty TV tower - one of the symbols of the city and its tallest building.
18:30. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel in Almaty.


 100 USD  for one guest, if there are 6 guests in the car, total 600 USD.

110 USD for one guest, if there are 5 guests in the car, total 550 USD.

120 USD for one guest, if there are 4 guests in the car, total 480 USD.

140 USD for one guest, if there are 3 guests in the car, total 420 USD.

175 USD for one guest, if there are 2 guests in the car, total 350 USD.

290 USD per guest, individual trip.

Included in the price:

- transfer (Toyota Seqouia, Toyota Land Cruiser 100, Toyota Land Cruiser 200),

- services of a Russian-speaking / English-speaking guide,

- launch Box,

- drinking water (1.5 liters/guest).

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Tour Cost from: 100 USD
City Tour Medeo, Chimbulak, Kok Tobe, 1 day

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