Northern Dzungaria stands as one of the last wild and untouched corners of Kazakhstan, a region characterized by mountain lakes, remote and picturesque gorges, and a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The Zhongar-Alatau National Park encompasses this mysterious realm of pristine nature.

Zhetysu Alatau (Zhetisu Alatau) is a mountain system that spans the territory of two countries: Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China. While officially named "Zhetysu Alatau," there exists an unofficial yet widely recognized name - Dzhungar Alatau, derived from the Dzungar nationality, which played a significant role in the Dzungar Khanate during the 17th-18th centuries.

The northern boundaries of these mountains are framed by Lake Alakol, while the largest river in southeastern Kazakhstan, the Ili, flows along their southern border. The Dzhungar Alatau stretches for 450 kilometers in length, with the ridge's width varying from 50 to 90 kilometers. The highest point in the Zhongar Alatau is the Semenov-Tyan-Shansky peak, towering at an impressive 4,622 meters. This mountain system encompasses several ridges, including Altynemel, Toksanbay, Karatau, Baskantau, Bedzhintau, and Koyandytau.

Zhetysu Alatau (Zhetisu Alatau) is renowned for its extensive areas where the Sivers apple tree thrives. This ancient apple tree variety is considered the progenitor of the Earth's apple crops, lending an air of historical significance to the region.

As part of this three-day excursion, guests have the opportunity to explore the primary tourist attractions of Northern Dzungaria, including Lake Nizhny Zhasylkol, the Agynakatty River, the Zhamantas tract, the district village of Lepsinsk, the city of Sarkand, and the Lepsy River. This journey promises to unveil the natural beauty and cultural richness of this unique region.

Lake Lower Zhasylkol

The crown jewel of the northern reaches of Zhetysu Alatau is undoubtedly Lake Lower Zhasylkol, nestled at an elevation of 1,630 meters above sea level. The formation of this remarkable lake traces back to seismic activity when a rockslide blocked the course of the Agynakatta River.

The journey to this pristine lake begins by passing through Zhalanash, the national park's checkpoint. From there, a 5-kilometer trek commences at the Gafur apiary, guiding adventurers through the mesmerizing landscapes leading to the lake.

County Village of Lepsinsk (Lepsi)

In the summer of 1846, a historic agreement was inked in the Oy-zhailau valley, signifying the annexation of the Senior Zhuz to Russia. This pivotal moment in history led to the establishment of the Verkhnelepsinskaya village, later renamed Lepsinsk. Subsequently, Lepsinsk became home to one of the outposts responsible for safeguarding the border with China.

In the pre-revolutionary era, Lepsinsk thrived with 40 mills, sizeable brick and alcohol factories, all of which were owned by the industrious entrepreneur Pugasov. Notably, Mr. Pugasov constructed several distilleries, including one in the city of Talgar, where the famous "Talgar alcohol" is still produced in Almaty. The bricks manufactured over a century ago bore a mark of quality and durability. Many structures in Lepsinsk were constructed using Pugasov bricks, and these buildings still stand today.

Present-day Lepsinsk proudly upholds its tradition of cultivating various agricultural varieties and producing high-quality bee honey that meets international standards. Within the village, a rural sports boarding school for gifted children has been established, thanks to the generosity of renowned philanthropist Baurzhan Ospanov. Mr. Ospanov also erected the region's largest workshop for honey production, which exports its products to numerous countries around the world.

Day 1.
05:00. Departure from the parking lot of BC Taurus (Abay/Zharokova), Zharokov 124 to the Agynakatty River (480 km).
08:00. Refueling in Taldykorgan, quick snack.
10:30. Refueling in Sarkand, visiting the national park, paying environmental fees. Departure to Lepsinsk.
13:00. Visit to the cordon Zhalanash, arrival on the bank of the river Agynakatty. Lunch in the form of lunches in boxes.
13:30. Departure to the Gafur apiary (15 km).
15:00. Start of trekking to Nizhniy Zhasylkol Lake (5 km, ascent along the trail to the hill, horizontal hiking to the lake).
17:00. Arrival at the lake, rest, photo session.
19:00. Return to the apiary Gafur aby.
20:00. Setting up a camp on the banks of the Agynakatty River.
22:00. Dinner at the camp.
23:30. Overnight in tents.

Day 2.
08:00. Breakfast at the camp.
09:00. Departure to the city of Lepsinsk (15 km), visit to the museum, bee production shop.
11:00. Departure to the tract Zhamantas (40 km).
13:00. Lunch in the form of lunches in boxes.
14:00. Walk on the plateau.
16:00. Return to the camp (65 km).
19:00. Dinner at the camp.
20:00. Chatting by the fire.
23:00. Overnight in tents.

Day 3.
08:00. Breakfast at the camp.
10:30. Departure to Almaty (480 km).
12:30. Refueling in Sarkand.
13:00. Lunch in the form of lunches in boxes.
15:30. Refueling in Taldykorgan.
19:00. Arrival in Almaty.

The cost of travel:
tour price on request.

Included in the price:
- transportation of guests in comfortable SUVs (4 guests in a car), Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser 100, Toyota Sequoia, Nissan Patrol cars,
- services of a Russian/English-speaking guide-driver throughout the route,
- itinerary of the trip (please see the program-timing of the tour),
- three meals a day, excluding breakfast of the first day, dinner of the third day,
- overnight in triple tents for two guests,
- rental of camping equipment (tables, chairs, wash basin, tents, mats, sleeping bags),
- drinking water for the participants of the trip (1.5 liters/guest per day),

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