Issyk, Bear Waterfall, Asy Plateau, Aul Tumar, Charyn, Lakes Kolsai and Kaindy. 3 days

Tour Cost from: 250 USD
3 days, Issyk, Bear Waterfall, Asy, Aul Tumar, Charyn, Kolsai and Kaindy.

The Outfitter KZ team is delighted to present an enriching three-day tour featuring visits to Issyk Lake, Bear Waterfall, Asy Plateau, Aul Tumar, Charyn Canyon, and Kolsai and Kaindy lakes.

General information:

Issyk Lake, situated in Kazakhstan, stands as a natural wonder, boasting crystal-clear waters encircled by majestic mountains. It ranks among the world's deepest mountain lakes. The lake beckons with its exceptional biodiversity and historical archaeological sites. Over generations, it has provided a retreat and a wellspring of inspiration, crafting a captivating landscape and an ambiance of serenity.

Bear Waterfall, an awe-inspiring natural masterpiece in the mountains, captures attention with its formidable beauty. The name originates from rock formations resembling bear silhouettes. Cascading majestically, the waterfall forms breathtaking tiers, offering a remarkable spectacle. The rushing streams, descending from heights, generate a symphony of sound and water particles. Local trails and observation platforms provide diverse vantage points, promising an unforgettable encounter with nature's grandeur and an infusion of inspiration.

Asy Plateau, a captivating natural expanse nestled in picturesque mountains, boasts unique flora and fauna along with panoramic vistas of the encircling peaks. A haven for observing wildlife and embracing majestic landscapes, Asy Plateau serves as a perfect setting for trekking, hiking, and photography. Here, nature unfurls its might and magnificence, fostering an atmosphere for immersing oneself in untamed harmony.

Aul Tumar, a quaint village ensconced within scenic mountains, allures with its authentic charm and traditional architecture. Majestic peaks and verdant valleys embrace this locale, cultivating an ambiance of tranquility and natural allure. Aul Tumar offers an idyllic escape for those seeking serenity and genuine communion with nature. Local customs and the warmth of its inhabitants provide a glimpse into the hospitality and culture of this unique haven.

Charyn Canyon, an extraordinary natural wonder in Kazakhstan, is renowned for its distinctive rock formations and vibrant landscapes. The crimson cliffs and deep ravines compose a breathtaking tableau that bestows an air of mystery upon the place. The Charyn River meandering below the canyon adds a backdrop of sound and moisture. Ideal for hiking, photography, and exploring Kazakhstan's natural marvels, this canyon invites adventurers to uncover its secrets.

Lakes Kolsai and Kaindy stand as picturesque gems nestled within Kazakhstan's mountain summits. These lakes, perched amidst the peaks of Alatau, captivate with their azure clarity and shimmering waters. Kolsai boasts three tiers, yielding a cascading effect that impresses the eye. Below lies Lake Kaindy, celebrated for its cobalt hue and robust water flow. These lakes are cherished destinations for hiking and communing with nature, affording unforgettable vistas and an opportunity to relish the mountain's rejuvenating air.

Travel program:

Day 1. Lake Issyk, Medvezhiy waterfall, Asy plateau
07:00. Departure from Almaty.
09:00. Arrival at Lake Issyk, crossing to the lake (1 km in both directions).
10:00. Departure to the Turgen gorge.
11:30. Arrival to the Bear waterfall, crossing 4 km in both directions.
13.30 Departure to the ethnos aul Tumar
14.00 Arrival in the village, accommodation in yurts, lunch.
15:30 Departure to Asy plateau, observatory
16:30 Arrival at the place, walk, photo
17:30 departure to Tumar village
18:30 Arrival in Aul, Dinner, free time, rest.

Day 2. Charyn Canyon
08:00. Breakfast at the hotel, Almaty.
09:00. Departure to the Charyn Canyon.
11:30. Visit to the Canyon of the Valley of Castles (Kyzylsay) - the most popular canyon of the Charyn River, descent, trekking with photo stops inside the canyon, 2.5 km.
12:30. Hiking up from the canyon back to the car park (2.5 km). In the high season, a taxi runs from the national park in the canyon, if necessary, you can take a backup (taxi fare is not included in the tour price).
13:30 Lunch break in the parking lot.
14:00. Departure to the Lunar Canyon (Uzynbulak Canyon), 25 km.
14:30. Stop at the panorama of the Lunar Canyon, photo session.
15:30. Departure to the next location - an unforgettable panoramic view of the Stone shelf (15 km).
16:00. Arrival at the Stone shelf, stop for a photo.
16:30. Departure to the panoramic platform "Napoleon" (2.5 km), you can learn about the history of the name of the panorama from the guide.
17:00. Visit the Napoleon site. Photo stop.
17:30. Departure to the panorama "Austrian view" (2 km).
18:00. Visiting the Austrian view, departure to the village of Saty, the vicinity of the Kolsai lakes (120 km).
19:00. Visit the Black Canyon, part of the main canyon of the Charyn River.
20:00. Accommodation in a guest house, dinner.
21:30. Communion by the fire.
22:30. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 3. Lakes Kolsai and Kaindy

08:30. Breakfast at the guest house
09:00. Departure to Lake Kaindy (15 km, dirt road).
09:30. Arrival at the parking lot. Passage to the lake (2 km).
During the high season, the parking lot provides a horse (horse) rental service.
skiing is not included in the price of the tour).
10:30. Visit three places on the lake: lakeside, panorama
lake and the confluence of the Kaindy river into the lake.
12:00. Return to the parking lot (2 km).
13:00. Departure to the guest house, on the way visiting the panoramic platform with
view of the valley of the river Chilik.
13:30. Lunch at the guest house.
14:30. Departure to the lower lake Kolsai (15 km).
15:00. A short walk along the shore of the lower Kolsai lake.
16:30. Departure from the lake parking to Almaty (300 km).
20:30. Arrival in Almaty.


250 USD for one guest, if there are six guests in the car, total 1 500 USD.

280 USD for one guest, if there are five guests in the car, total 1 400 USD.

275 USD for one guest, if there are four guests in the car, total 1 100 USD.

340 USD for one guest, if there are three guests in the car, total 1 020 USD.

465 USD for one guest, if there are two guests in the car, total 930 USD.

850 USD for individual trip.

Included in the price:  

- transfer on a comfortable SUV ((Toyota Seqouia, Toyota Land Cruiser 100, Toyota Land Cruiser 200)

- services of a Russian-speaking / English-speaking guide-driver, the guide accompanies guests on trekking, provides information about the area, tourist sites.

- drinking water (1.5 liters / guest),

   -launch Box

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Tour Cost from: 250 USD
3 days, Issyk, Bear Waterfall, Asy, Aul Tumar, Charyn, Kolsai and Kaindy.

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