The Outfitter KZ team is delighted to present a three-day excursion to one of the breathtaking mountain gorges in Kazakhstan - the Bayynkol Gorge.

The high-altitude Bayynkol Gorge is nestled within the northern spurs of the central part of the Tien Shan mountain system. The primary source of the river's water originates from the glaciers of the Saryjaz mountain range, with a significant contribution from the glaciers of the "Marble Wall" peak, both Western and Bayynkolsky.

Upon completing the trek to the mountain ridge, you'll be rewarded with a spectacular panoramic view of the "six thousand meters" club, including the Marble Wall, Plateau Peak, and "five thousand meters" peaks like Pogranichnik, Karlytau, Kazakhstan, Bayankol, and Semyonova. Inside the Bayynkol Gorge, you'll encounter numerous beautiful gorges, and the endemic Schrenk spruce thrives in this area. The fauna is exceptionally diverse, with inhabitants such as the Tien Shan bear, wolf, roe deer, wild boar, deer, argali, tau teke, and Siberian mountain ibex.

Trip route map

The gorge captivates with its stunning beauty, featuring vast zhailau pastures giving way to dense fir forests and rocky terrain sculpted by ancient glaciers. Throughout the landscape, you'll encounter abundant patches of "Maned Caragana," a plant affectionately referred to by outfitters as the "Spear of Deonisy." :-))

En route to our camp, we'll explore panoramic viewpoints and pay a visit to a clearing named in honor of the renowned Soviet and Kazakh coach and climber, Yervand Tikhonovich Ilyinsky.

We'll also have the opportunity to make a stop at a shepherd's hut, where you can purchase or savor traditional treats such as kymyz, cakes, kaymak, and kurt.

The highlight of the trip falls on the second day, as our guests embark on a journey involving a 500-meter ascent to the summit of the Zharkulak gold mine.

Our mobile camp, Outfitter KZ, is situated at an elevation of 2,700 meters, so it's essential to pack a variety of clothing, including winter attire, to ensure comfort throughout the adventure.

Lake Tuzkol with a View of Khan-Tengri Peak and Pobeda Peak - Photo by Deonisy Mit

In addition to exploring the Bayynkol gorge, our program includes visits to the Charyn River Canyon - Uzynbulak (Lunny) and Lake Tuzkol, where you'll be treated to panoramic views of the majestic peaks of Khan-Tengri and Pobeda, the Tien Shan's largest seven-thousanders.


Day 1: Almaty - Bayynkol

  • 06:00: Departure from the parking area at the Taurus Business Center (Abay/Zharokova), Zharokov 124, en route to the Bayynkol gorge (360 km).
  • 08:00: A brief stop in Shelek for rest and refueling.
  • 10:30: Visit to the panoramic viewpoint of the Lunar Canyon Charyn (a warm-up with stunning landscapes).
  • 11:30: Car refueling in the regional center of Kegen (last opportunity to visit the store).
  • 13:30: Border inspection at the outpost, presentation of passes.
  • 14:30: Progress through the Bayynkol gorge (32 km) with stops at panoramic viewpoints offering vistas of Khan Tengri (7,010 meters), Bayynkol (5,841 meters), and Zharkulak (4,790 meters).
  • 16:30: Camp setup for our guests, followed by dinner preparations.
  • 18:30: Dinner (provided by our outfitters) with fireside chats.
  • 22:00: Lights out. Overnight stay in tents at an elevation of 2,700 meters above sea level.
    View from the Zharkulak Mine - Elevation 3,400 meters - Photo by Arman Tuigumbaev
    Day 2: Bayynkol
    • 07:00: Commence your ascent.
    • 07:30: Enjoy breakfast (provided by our outfitters).
    • 08:30: Begin the journey to the Zharkulak mine (7 km). Leave your vehicles before the bridge and embark on your ascent.
    • For the more adventurous participants, there's an opportunity to follow the mountain serpentine to the summit (3,500 meters), explore the mine adits, and take in breathtaking vistas of the Marble Wall (6,261 meters) and Bayynkol (5,841 meters) peaks.
    • A second group of tourists, for those seeking a less strenuous experience, can take a leisurely stroll to the lower observation deck and, if desired, venture further into the gorge leading to the Marble Wall.
    • Lunch will be provided in the form of a tourist ration. Some of our outfitters and a guide will accompany tourists along the route.
    • Additionally, for those interested, a third of the tourists can opt to go by car to the Christmas tree forests for mushroom picking.
    • 15:00: Return to camp. Enjoy an early dinner (provided by our outfitters), followed by free time.
    • 19:00: Gather for a second hot meal (provided by our outfitters) and engage in lively conversations around the campfire.
    • 22:00: Retire to your tents for an overnight stay at an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level.
  • A Group of Tourists in the Outfitter KZ Mobile Camp - Photo by Deonisia Mit
    Day 3: Bayynkol - Tuzkol - Almaty
    • 08:00: Enjoy breakfast at the camp.
    • 10:30: Set out for the border post (32 km).
    • 11:30: Successfully clear the border post.
    • 12:00: Begin your journey towards Lake Tuzkol (70 km).
    • 14:00: Savor a delightful lunch on the shores of Lake Tuzkol (courtesy of our outfitters).
    • 15:00: Commence your return journey to Almaty (335 km).
    • 19:30: Arrive back in Almaty.
    This marks the conclusion of your memorable adventure with Outfitter KZ. We hope you've had an incredible experience exploring the stunning landscapes and natural wonders of Kazakhstan. Safe travels!
  • Panorama of Khan Tengri, Bayynkol, Zharkulak Peaks - Photo by Deonisia Mit
    • Guests must obtain a pass to enter the border zone of Kazakhstan. The trip organizer will submit guest documents to obtain this permit approximately three weeks before the visit.
    • Guests should have at least average physical fitness or above.
    • It's important that guests do not have chronic diseases that may worsen during an extended stay at altitudes ranging from 2,700 to 3,500 meters above sea level.

  • Cost of Travel:
  •             Six-seat seating in a jeep: $270 per guest, total $1 620 USD.
    • Five-seat seating in a jeep: $305 per guest, total $1525 USD.
    • Four-seat seating in a jeep: $310 per guest, total $1240 USD.
    • Three-seat seating in a jeep: $385 per guest, total $1155 USD.
    • Double seating in a jeep: $540 per guest, total $980 USD.
    • Single seating in a jeep: $995 USD (individual tour).

  • Included in the Price:
    • Transportation of guests in comfortable SUVs, including Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser 100, Toyota Sequoia, Nissan Patrol.
    • Services of a Russian-speaking guide-driver throughout the entire route.
    • The complete trip program (please refer to the provided tour schedule).
    • Three meals a day, with the exception of breakfast on the first day and dinner on the third day.
    • Accommodation in three-person tents for two guests.
    • Rental of camping equipment, including tables, chairs, washbasins, tents, mats, and sleeping bags.
    • Drinking water provided for trip participants at a rate of 1.5 liters per guest per day.
    • Organization of the issuance of passes for entry into the border zone of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    This package offers an exciting adventure through the breathtaking landscapes of Kazakhstan while ensuring the comfort and safety of our guests.
  • You can order a tour by clicking on the “Order a tour” button or by calling Outfitter KZ: +7 701 457 6666.
    WhatsApp is available at: +7 701 457 6666 or you can send a request to e-mail: In the comments below you can read the reviews of guests who have been on our tours. 
  •  Briefly about the Outfitter KZ team
  • The Outfitter KZ team is a travel agent, as well as a full member of the Kazakhstan Tourist Association.

  • The world-famous travel guide publisher Lonely Planet recognized our team as the best provider of active tourism services in Almaty. The international travel portal TripAdvisor three times in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 awarded our team the Traveler’s Choice prize as a tourist attraction included in the top 10% of market participants in the Almaty region, regularly receiving positive reviews from tourists. Read reviews from guests who left their impressions of their trips with us on TripAdvisor.
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