The Outfitter KZ team is pleased to offer an interesting trip to the Kyrgyz Republic - an acquaintance with the country's largest mountain lakes Sonkel and Issyk-Kul. We will combine a vacation on the beach of the southern coast of Issyk-Kul with a visit to the landscaped Skazka canyon, the picturesque mountain passes of Kalmak-Ashuu, Moldo-Ashuu and Terskey-Torpok (33 parrots).

The route lasts three days and is a giant ring, the diamonds of which are the mountain lakes of Northern Kyrgyzstan. The duration of the auto tour is 1,200 kilometers. The trekking part is 4 kilometers long.

Travel map

Lake Son-Kel
Sonkel is located in the giant mountain basin of the Inner Tien Shan northwest of the city of Naryn. The lake, 57 kilometers long and 29 kilometers wide, is located among mountain ranges. The height of Lake Sonkul is 3016 meters above sea level, the area of the lake is about 270 square kilometers, the depth in some places reaches 13-14 meters. The reason for the emergence of the lake is the tectonic activity of the Tien Shan mountain system, the water in the lake is fresh and cold.

Pass "33 parrots"

Four motorable mountain passes lead to Lake Sonkel. On the way from Almaty, we rise to the lake valley through the Kalmak-Ashuu pass (“Ashuu” in Kyrgyz means “pass”, analogous to the Kazakh “Asuy”).
Having gone around Sonkel along the eastern and southern shores of the lake, we head to the most picturesque Moldo-Ashuu pass (southern shore of the lake).
Following the “golden rule of tourism” - not to return along the same road - the next day we descend from Lake Sonkel through the Terskey-Torpok pass (the second name of the pass is “33 parrots”, the south-eastern part of the lake). In addition to automobile passes, Lake Sonkul can be reached through a large number of pedestrian passes (Tuz-Ashuu, Chil-Bel and Uzbek).

Pass Moldo Ashuu

Silent Bay

The sand spit called “Quiet Bay” is one of the most beautiful places on the southern coast of Issyk-Kul. The bay provides additional heating of the water, which is comfortable for swimming. The beach is sandy, the bottom is rocky in some places, sandy in some places.

The southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul is famous for its wild beaches, clean water and, most importantly, the water warms up more than on the northern coast. The transparency of the water is one of the highest on the south coast. Quiet Bay regularly hosts competitions and training camps for divers, rowers and other athletes. The sand spit is a favorite place for foreign motor tourists visiting Kyrgyzstan.

"Quiet Bay"

Canyon Tale

Canyon "Fairy Tale" is located 10 kilometers from the "Quiet Bay". From the side of the road, the canyon does not seem so picturesque, but as soon as you drive a kilometer, the unremarkable landscape of cliffs and rare stunted bushes gives way to relief multi-colored soils.
After visiting the Kazherty waterfall at the foot of the “33 Parrots” pass, we head to the “Fairy Tale” canyon. Arriving at the canyon, we climb to the panoramic point, photo session, short trekking inside the canyon.

Kajerta Waterfall

Day 1. Almaty - Lake Sonkel
05:00. Departure from the parking lot of the Taurus Business Center (Abay/Zharokova), Zharokova 124 to Lake Sonkel (510 km).
08:00. Refueling, crossing the state border of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic (Kordai).
09:00. Departure from the border crossing point to the Boom Gorge.
11:00. Brunch in a road cafe.
12:00. We are heading to Lake Sonkel through Kochkor and the Kalmak-Ashuu pass.
14:30. Descent to Lake Sonkel, we drive towards the Moldo Ashuu pass.
16:00. Visit to the Moldo Ashuu pass.
17:30. Camping on the shore of the lake. Guests set up tents, outfitters advise and set up a dining room.
19:00. Dinner.
23:00. Overnight in tents at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level. Two guests are accommodated in three-person tents.

Canyon "Fairy Tale"

Day 2. Sonkel Lake - Skazka Canyon - Quiet Bay
07:30. Breakfast at the camp.
09:30. Descent from the lake along the pass “33 parrots”.
10:30. Visit to Kazherty waterfall, short walk.
11:30. Passing the picturesque mountain valleys of the Inner Tien Shan, we head to the southern coast of Issyk-Kul (260 km). Refueling in Kochkor.
13:00. Lunch in the form of lunches in boxes.
16:00. Visit to the canyon “Skazka”, small trekking inside the canyon with a visit to the panoramic point (3 km).
18:00. Departure to “Quiet Bay”.
19:00. Camp setting, free time for swimming.
20:30. Dinner at the camp.
23:00. Campfire chat. Overnight in tents.

Day 3. Quiet Bay - Almaty
08:00. Breakfast at the camp.
08:30. Gathering camp.
09:00. Beach holiday.
11:30. Departure to the city of Karakol (95 km).
13:00. Lunch at a cafe in Karakol.
14:30. Departure from Karakol to Almaty (370 km).
16:00. Passage of the state border of the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan (Karkara).
17:00. We are on our way to Almaty, refueling in Kegen.
21:00. Arrival in Almaty.

Necessary requirements:
- the average physical form of the guest and above,
- the absence of chronic diseases that can worsen with a long stay at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level.

The cost of travel:
- the cost of the tour on request.

Included in the price:
- transfer of guests on comfortable SUVs, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Land Cruiser 100, Toyota Sequoia, Nissan Patrol cars,
- services of a guide-driver throughout the route,
- itinerary of the trip (please see the program-timing of the tour),
- three meals a day, excluding breakfast of the first day, dinner of the third day,
- overnight in triple tents for two guests,
- rental of camping equipment (tables, chairs, wash basin, tents, mats, sleeping bags),
- drinking water for the participants of the trip (1.5 liters/guest per day),

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Tour Cost the cost of the tour on request

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